Thursday, August 11, 2011

Its been awhile... *8.10.11*

I can't believe how long its been since I have done an update on Neal. Wow. Well where do I start? Where did I leave off? Oh ok, Whole Milk.. I had to go look lol. So Neal switched to whole milk with no problems. In fact he still loves milk just as much as he did when we switched over. Neal's first birthday was a blast. He got so many gifts. I had to clean his toy box out after his party just to fit everything. Since then he has just been growing like a weed. Neal's second birthday didn't go so well. Neal ended up getting sick on his birthday so we had to put it off then on the day we planned on holding it after that he ended up getting sick so we had to put it off again. We eventually got to have the party but by then everyone had plans so pretty much non of this friends were able to show up. I feel like he went from one to two word sentences to 4 and 5 word sentences over night. Its crazy. I will keep everyone posted the best I can since I am working full time and have my hands full with Neal.