Monday, March 15, 2010

Whole Milk

Last night I decided to start Neal on whole Milk. He is on his very last can of formula and I wanted to make sure he would like it before going completely out of it. He loves it. I gave him some before his lunch today and I could not get the cup away from him to give him his lunch. Last night he got some with dinner and did not need a bottle when he went to bed for the night. Thats awesome! I do know he likes to wake up when I go to bed, because we have to share a room since I'm living with my parents, so i will try my best to remember to give him a little bit of whole milk. I can't wait for him to be completely off of formula. I can handle $3 and some change every time he runs out vs $23 every time he runs out. So yeah, I'm very excited that he took to the milk so well.

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