Monday, January 18, 2010

R.I.P Brandon Grimm

Last night at about 1am there was a really back car accident just up the road from my house. 3 people were involved, 2 males and 1 female. One person was ejected from the vehicle (one of the males), the female was pinned between the car and a tree. She was the one who called 911. The other male was trapped in the car. Brandon was D.O.A (aka Dead on Arrival). The female, who was his girlfriend, and the other male was rushed by helicopter to MCV in Richmond, VA. Although I did not personally know these three, it makes me very sad. I went to school with all three of them. Brandon graduated in 08, his girlfriend in 09, and the other male in 08. I graduated in 07. I remember seeing Brandon in the halls and in Wal-Mart where I use to work. I'm sending prayers to his family. His uncle is a fireman for our fire department. My prayers are also going out to the females and the other males families. One is doing ok while the other is in critical care. I left the other two names out because I did not feel it would be best considering what state they are in right now. I was up when this happened and I listened to all of the transmission that came across the scanner for this accident. It really has me upset.

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