Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Busy Busy Busy...

It has been a busy week already. We got our new couch today. Poor Neal sad that all his extra space is gone lol. The couch is bigger then my stepdad expected it to be lol. After Christmas we have to rearrange the living room. Thursday I had to take Neal to see his father then later, around 8, that evening we have Christmas party to go to for the family. Then of course Christmas is Friday. Neals grandma on his Fathers side is going to bring him presents that day then I have to go to my Fiance's so that Neal can get his presents from there then I have to come back home for Christmas dinner. Sunday I am turning 21. I don't plan on doing anything but sitting on my butt at home UNLESS my Fiance's friend Brian come in Sat. then we will probably hang out with him to do gift exchange and celebrate his birthday since his is on Monday... Neal got worn out today. He played in the extra space from 10am to about 12:30pm. He went down for a nap. Got up at about 2:30, just after the people who delivered the couch left. He played from 2:30pm to about 7:00pm got a 20 min bath cause he plays in the tub. Got a bottle around 7:45pm and was literally asleep in my arms when I was holding him on my way to the crib by 8:00pm lol. I'm a tired momma today lol.

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