Thursday, December 31, 2009

Phew The Holidays are Over!

I am so happy that the holidays are over. It has been one crazy week. I'm gonna try to put this down the best that I can. Dec. 24, 2009: My plans that day were originally to go to Neal's fathers for an early Christmas and then home for a bath and then to my Aunts for the Christmas eve party. Kenny, Neal's father, had to reschedule the visit for the day after Christmas. He had to do some shopping. The pretty much opened my entire day up. I instead took the time to clean up some things, do laundry, get a shower, and get ready for the Christmas eve party. Around 8pm we arrived at my Aunts house. We had an awesome time. Neal stayed up quiet late, 3 hours past bedtime. He got a pair of pajamas to wear that night and Christmas morning, and a few toys. Dec. 25, 2009: That was a crazy day. I had no Idea it was going to be as crazy as it was. We woke up at 9am. Thats when we started unwrapping presents. Neal got many toys and a bunch of clothes. I got some clothes and a new webcam (YAYNESS). At 12pm Grandma Donna came over to visit Neal and give him Christmas presents also. He got a couple of toys and a lot of clothes. She stayed for about an hour before leaving. At that time I was suppose to go to Dave's for Christmas there but Jimmy and Jessie (Brother and Sister In Law) showed up Just as I was about to get Neal dressed. We opened the gifts that they had for Neal which was a toy and some pajamas. After that I got Neal dressed we left for Dave's. I got there a bit after 2pm. Neal got quiet a bit from Grandma Milee. Baby food fruit flavored, some puffs strawberry apple flavored, a push and ride toy, and some more toys. I got a new jacket, contact solution which I was needing, a new tooth brush, electric, and a bunch of other stuff. At about 4pm we left Dave's to return to my house for dinner at 4:30pm. Dave did go but drove separate. When we got to the house it was packed. People everywhere. There was my grandma, my mom, my dad, my stepdad, my two brothers, my sister in law, my niece, my step-dad's step-mom and dad, his cousin, me, dave, cousin ricky and Neal. I ended up with a headache from all the mayhem. After everyone left and Neal went to bed I played a bit on the computer before going to bed myself. I ended up with a real bad migraine. Dec. 26, 2009: Around 2pm I took Neal to see his father. He had gotten him some clothes. We stayed there for about 2 and a half hours before having to leave. We had other plans at 5pm. Dave got off work at 5pm and we were suppose to meet up at my house to go to his friend Bryan's house for a late Christmas get together. We had a great time. Neal stayed up late again. We got home a little bit after midnight. Dec. 27, 2009: Happy Birthday! I turned 21. For my birthday we went to the movies to see New Moon from the Twilight Saga then we went to dinner at The Olive Garden. I had a blast. Neal was watched by my sister in law Jessie. He done very good. No fussing or anything. At around 8pm him and my niece Jillian had fallen asleep. We got home at almost 10pm. We had an awesome Christmas. Better then I could have hoped for.

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