Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wavy TV 10

This picture here was on the news last night. I say last night because it is 2:00am on Dec. 20 and the news was at 11:00pm on Dec. 19. lol So here is how it happened. I took Neal outside for his first time in the snow. I had my little brother get some pictures because it was pretty exciting. I had been praying for snow so that Neal could see it. We were only outside for a few mins before we came back in. I let Neal play for a bit, gave him a bottle and put him to bed. I then got on the computer and sent the pictures to Wavy TV 10 so that they could add them to the slide show they have on their web page. I was only expecting them to add them to the slide show so when we watched the news at 11:00pm we were completely shocked to see that the picture posted above had made it on TV. YAY Neal and I. Here is a link to the recording I took of the news with my moms digital camera. Sorry for the lines. Thats what happens when you record TV with a camera lol.

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