Thursday, December 17, 2009

Whoa My goodness lol

Goodness I feel so run down and tired. I haven't felt this way since Neal was born. Neal has been sick. He has had a runny nose since Friday and started coughing on Sunday night. He's getting better now. He has started to sleep better. His nose is still a bit plugged so I have been restless when sleeping. Tuesday we went to Dave's for the night. On Wednesday (yesterday) I was sooooo tired I had a hard time keeping my eyes open while spending some alone, T.V. time with Dave. I ended up falling asleep. About 30 mins. before I woke up Neal was laid down for his nap in his crib at Dave's house. When I woke up, from where I was sitting on the couch, I could see Neal laying on his back playing with his feet and he didn't have pants on. From where I was sitting Neal was the only thing I could see. I couldn't see the rest of the crib. When Dave walked back into the room I asked him if he changed Neal's diaper. He said no. I asked him where Neal's pants were. He said they were on him. I told him they were not on him. We went into the room and I have no idea how he did this but Neal had pulled off his pants. I thought it was so funny. I picked Neal up, changed his diaper and put his pants and socks back on. He had gotten his socks off but that was nothing new. That was just the highlight of my day lol.

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